Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificate is an important vital record and official document, which serves as a primary identification to children and adults for multiple purposes: to prove their age, to go to school, to prove their nationality, to receive healthcare, to take exams; to be adopted, to marry, to open a bank account, to hold a driving license, to obtain a passport, to inherit money or property, and to vote or stand for elected office. You may require a birth certificate translation to or from official languages of Canada (English and French).

In Canada, translating a birth certificate from/to English or French is an important step towards immigration, Canadian citizenship application, obtaining citizenship of other countries, etc. I offer official translation of birth certificates from Russian to English and certified translation of birth certificates from English to Russian.

I also provide Russian to English translations of birth certificates in full compliance with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements.

Examples when you may require a birth certificate translation from English to Russian: confirm the Russian citizenship of a child; issue/extend the Russian passport and other similar situations.

Russian birth certificate translation

Examples when you may require a translation from Russian to English: immigration to Canada, USA and other English-speaking countries, obtaining/confirmation of Canadian/US citizenship, application for the Canadian/US passport, etc.

As I offer certified translation of birth certificates, my clients often ask if my translations need to be further notarized. Many people do not understand the difference between certified and notarized translations. Here is a short explanation: certified translation does not need to be notarized unless there is a specific requirement by the receiving agency or organization. It is also important to realize that the notary public seal assures only that the signature is that of the person who presented him/herself to the notary — the notary public does not attest to the accuracy of the translation.

If you are in need of the birth certificate translation, please contact me and I will be happy to help. I offer a special price of 45CAD for the certified translation of the birth certificate.