Discounts for larger translation jobs

I am often approached by potential clients who offer me “bulk projects” at lower rates. Though I am always willing to offer discounts for larger translation jobs (with the word count of 10000 words and more), I cannot just “work more and get less”. Anyway, I try to quote every project individually, so we usually find a common ground with my clients.

2 thoughts on “Discounts for larger translation jobs

  1. Arkadi says:

    I do agree that no hard and fast rules can be applied to discounts. This part is always open to negotiation. However, here’s what I normally do if approached by a potential customer. I quote a price that is somewhat higher than my standard rate. First, this in a way mitigates the risk that any “out-of-the-blue” client poses. Second, I can always consider a “discount” if the customer insists on one (provided they meet my eligibility requirements, which often boils down to a good record on the BB). But if “know your customer” search yields no results, this means both no discount and (at least partial) upfront payment.
    Alternatively, you can promise to offer a discounted rate on any further projects that might follow from the customer but not on the one they have contacted you with. As you know, they just love to promise “large volumes” of work – but I know better than to buy that.

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