Life as a Translator

Come across an excellent article by Roger Chriss:
“Few people have any idea what it is that translators do. Some people argue that translators don’t actually do anything because they are not creating anything new. Most people accept that what translators do is work, even if they don’t understand how translators do what they do, or for that matter in what kind of environment a translator works.”
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One thought on “Life as a Translator

  1. admin says:

    “Translation and interpreting offer two distinct career paths with ample opportunities for linguists to put their skills to use in exciting areas. From video game localization to interpreting for astronauts in outer space, from translating Harry Potter books to accompanying heads of state on diplomatic missions overseas, translation and interpreting offer many career opportunities to inspire and encourage students to learn foreign languages while allowing them to pursue other interests as well.” by Nataly Kelly, see the original here

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