No slowdown in translation industry

So far I do not experience any recession or even slowdown in my translation business (English-Russian and English-Belarusian pairs). The only thing which seems to show the symptoms of the global crisis is that most of the clients take longer to make a decision and give a go-ahead for their translation projects. Still I hope things would get even better further this year.

7 thoughts on “No slowdown in translation industry

  1. Bark says:

    I believe experienced translators would experience no slowdown (in fact, might be willing to have at least a short break between assignments). However, people new to the translation market (for example, recent graduates) may have a harder time trying to find customers.

  2. Ex-Freelancer says:

    I’m an experience translator and I experience a huge slowdown. I had to leave the freelance for an in-house work in another field.

    “To whom how”

  3. admin says:

    Looking back to the year 2009 now I can say that there was a slight decline in orders in the 2nd half of the year, specially compared to 2008 (that one was really fat!), but nothing dramatic.

  4. Arkadi says:

    Yes, 2009 was a difficult year – I also slowed down somewhat and had to use my ‘fall-back’ clients more than I would have liked to. But 2010 got off to a very robust start. So, though I may feel like cracking down under the pressure of multiple projects and tight deadlines, I welcome it.

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