Russian to English or English to Russian – does it make any diffference?

I guess I owe a little explanation to my current and prospective clients. As loudly and proudly declared almost a year ago, I became a certified translator in British Columbia and, by association, across Canada. So I offer certified translation services from English to Russian. The question is: can I translate documents in the opposite direction – from Russian to English?
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Got exam results back – I am a certified Russian translator now!

I can proudly present myself as a certified Russian translator 🙂

A little follow-up on one of my earlier posts. Last week got back results of the certification exam I took back on May 3rd in Vancouver.  I passed, so I am a certified Russian translator now! From now on I am legally entitled to certify documents translated from English into Russian for various authorities in British Columbia and other parts of Canada.
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English-Russian hockey glossary

Recently worked on a Russian hockey translation. For this project I prepared a Russian hockey glossary based on the Wikipedia article and Sochi-2014 terminology glossary. The file contains about 250 words and phrases that are widely used by players, coaches and fans.  I used this glossary in many translation and interpreting assignments, so I can say for sure that all terms included are accurate and correct.

From now on, the glossary in PDF format is available for purchase for a small fee of $2.99. Please click the button below to complete the purchase – the checkout will be securely processed by Paypal.

Buy Russian hockey glossary

English-Russian hockey glossary

Russian version

Finally added a Russian version to my website. The original English page was up like 7 years ago, so it took me a while to do it. I translated so many websites for my clients, but don’t have time for my own… As the proverb says: “The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot” (“Сапожник всегда без сапог” in Russian). Besides, the site definitely needs some re-design – it was nice and neat back in 2006, but it looks like a dinosaur now. Well, someday…