Russian interpreter experience

Interpreting at the conference

Earlier this year as a Russian interpreter I took part  in the international conference Canada-Eurasia Cooperation in Forestry and Wood Processing, organized by the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (thank you for inviting me!)

The Conference was focused on a broad range of subjects, including:

  • Forest monitoring and management
  • Harvesting and renewal of forest resources
  • Manufacturing of wood products and structures
  • Waste management and biotechnology
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Industrial innovations

Really enjoyed this experience – more than 4 hours of tough, challenging, almost non-stop interpretation, involving myriads of industry terms. Interpreting both ways – English to Russian and Russian to English, often with several people speaking simultaneously. What a chance it was to clear some rust off my mind!

Besides, it was a great chance to be away from my desk and daily routine work, which mostly include translating personal documents, technical brochures and software localization.

More details about the conference:

If you ever need a Russian interpreter in Vancouver or, possibly, in other places across Canada, please get in touch with me.

Below are some photos from the conference.

CERBA Conference "Canada-Eurasia Cooperation in Forestry and Wood Processing" Andrei Shmatkov interpreting at the Forestry Conference Russian interpreter Andrei Shmatkov working at the Conference Russian interpreting at the conference in Vancouver

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