Russian to English or English to Russian – does it make any diffference?

I guess I owe a little explanation to my current and prospective clients. As loudly and proudly declared almost a year ago, I became a certified translator in British Columbia and, by association, across Canada. So I offer certified translation services from English to Russian. The question is: can I translate documents in the opposite direction – from Russian to English?

Russian to English - Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia

The short answer  is: yes, I can, as I am fully competent and proficient in the Russian to English translation. However in this case, I have to use a different method of certification/notarization, though it doesn’t change much for my clients – they still receive my translation, which is right, accurate and acceptable by all major authorities here in Canada. If you have any questions regarding translation, certification and notarization, please feel free to contact me.

Hope that I have not confused anybody with my explanation 🙂 and yes, I can translate and properly certify any documents from English into Russian.

In my next post, I am planning to touch upon notarized translations and how they are different from certified translations.

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