Professional Interpreter

Don’t know or speak English well enough to understand or convey all the nuances? Are you afraid that important points may be lost or distorted in the process of communication? In this case, you should contact a professional interpreter who will help you avoid the above problems. Very important: a translator is not just a person who speaks two languages (e.g. Russian and English). In addition, even the best translator (a professional who translates written texts) will not always be as successful as an interpreter (a person who interprets orally).

A professional interpreter, in addition to excellent knowledge of languages and a high level of literacy, usually has experience of interpretation in various subjects, knows the relevant vocabulary, has a breadth of knowledge and presentable appearance, adheres to strict ethical standards, has stress resistance and the ability to work at a high tempo, and provides complete confidentiality.

Professional interpreter

Interpreting at the conference

Russian interpreter experience

I offer interpretation services from Russian to English and from English to Russian in Vancouver, British Columbia and other Canadian cities. I am a professional translator, graduated from the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of the Minsk Linguistic University and have many years of experience working in different countries and with different topics. I will help you to overcome the language barrier and make sure that the process of interpretation includes all semantic, stylistic and cultural peculiarities.

Below is an example of some of the situations in which my interpreting services may be useful:

  • Interpretation during business meetings;
  • Interpretation at exhibitions, seminars and conferences;
  • Interpretation at a doctor’s, lawyer’s or other specialist’s office;
  • Interpretation at family celebrations and events.

I will be glad to help with interpretation at any meetings and events. Please contact me in advance so that I can book the dates you need in my schedule.